Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lack of updates

Since we moved in the new shop my computer time, photography and surfing has been cut really short, good thing and bad. Doing 10-12 hour days the past 2 months has been pretty grueling but rewarding. Now I have the freedom to do things I want and how I want it.

Still playing catch up on some old orders but here and there Ill squeeze in somethings that has been boiling in my head for awhile.

Heres a few of many boards leaving the cave. The camera gear hasnt seen much action but i promise I will post a few soon!

Glass ons and carbon patches are never fun

X Dialer for Travis. abstract bottom semi opaque deck. look closley and you can see the laps under the blue deck

6'3 x 19 x 2 1/2
I had to squeeze a personal board in the mix.
My standard go to shortboard for the winter spots.

"The Clover"
is one of Michael Bailey's models we've been working on. He's been usuing this model exclusively on his daily grind and WQS heats.
This 6'0 is on its way to Japan.
Artwork by Michael Bailey

"The Brick"
This will be one of the new boards for the coming year. This one was one of the prototypes and has been working unreal during the smaller days! Stupid fast board!!
Ive done some changes and will be ready for 2010!