Wednesday, November 9, 2011 xxxxxxx

Thanks to the Aliya crew for sharing this place with us. Cant wait to see this when its 6 ft+ and dredging! We will be back soon!

Project Waves 4 Water part 1

We were in the east coast of the Philippines the past few days and during the last day in town we stopped by a local elementary school to drop off a Waves 4 Water kit for the kids to share! Super stoked to give back to the community. Thank you to Roy Angara, Aliya surf camp crew, Coast Thru life crew and everyone that helped us to make this happen

Baler kids, Aliya surf camp crew and Zamora crew

Frame grab during filter demo and explanation

This is where they were drinking before. When it rains the water is pretty much not drinkable. Now they will have a supply of CLEAN DRINKING WATER. We will try to bring more filters on our next trip!

 Sneak peak ...