Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Chief... modded

Made this board for one of the guys down at the beach. We made the first Big Chief after his first board. Its big, wide, thick and a beast.

A year or so later we've slowly adjusted and modified things to the shape.

This one has the same base rocker. Wee bit more on the nose and lots of flip in the tail to keep this thing locked in the pocket. Thinner rails and overall foil form the old one and pretty extreme nose concave for maximum lift while on the nose.

The tail was born out of boredom. I got sick of seeing the same old square tails and I figured I would give it a little twist with the same tails Im doing with the Mini Simms. In this case. its a shorter rails line ( like its going to matter in a 10 ft board right? ) and little moon works together with the tail flip for more hold and hook while on the nose. 

This thing was made to be perched on IN the pocket with EASE! After a little board swap from yesterdays session. It just did what I envisioned it to do. dang sidewalk! Stoked!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ian Zamora Images

This is one of the other things Ive been doing when I am not working on your surfboards.

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