Thursday, April 12, 2012


 A few months ago I had this idea that I was going to do this mystery label with some funky boards, pass them around and see how it goes. Well I failed in executing this idea.... at least the mystery label part. As for the funky board ideas... I hope I didnt.

I have no idea what the exact measurement are for this board. When I shaped this I made sure I veered away from any things I do or think when I normally shape a board. It taught me to how to free up my mind and let the creative aspect things take over. I wasn't trying to come up with another board to turn into another model. I just wanted to shape! shape without consequences or rules really. If it works it works if it does not it does not.

Based on my take of the Simm boards. I did this one wider than usual. 
Over on the deck side I made the toe side ( right side ) with a flatter deck to a slope rail ala speeddialer. Heel side is a domed deck with a nicer rail transition. I also pre shape a foot well on the toe side. Since I am primarily going to use this for right point breaks I wanted more foam on my toe side where since I put more weight on that rail during bottom turns, pumping etc. Less foam on my heal side to help ease the transition of this wide board from toe to heel side during mid cutback or turn.

As for the bottom goes, I added a little more tail rocker on the heel side to accommodate tighter turns mid turn. The bottom contours are fairly simple. a little belly on the nose to flat in the mid section to a slight double to slight V. On the Toe side I added a little hook under the wing and the heel side I added a channel where the trailer fin goes.

Fins.... well heres another part of a surfboard where people can get creative. Toe side : I used my standard 8.5" Keel template I use for my OG Simm and added a little cutaway to relieve pressure on this massive keel. Single foil and sleek to get the water moving through it quickly. Heel side : I picked up some fins laying around in the shop for templates and went at it. Front fin is your standard thruster side fin, the trailer is a tiny longboard sidebite. Which I think is too small.  Toe side keel draws a longer line while heel side draws a tighter line. I have added a nubster fin to compensate for the small trailer fin.

Template: Not much to say for the front half of the board. The back part on the other hand is where the head scratching starts.. Just like most asymmetrical boards out there, you want the toe side longer to draw out longer line and the heel side shorter to tighter transition turn. Now the fun part is trying to put it together. My solution... Pencil and NO templates. and this it how it came out.

For the most part people have different theories about surfboard design. People may think my approach to the different designs of this board is ridiculous then so be it. At the end of the day this made me extremely happy and proud.. and YES it works... Ive had several people ride it with great success. Yes it has its not the perfect board for everyone but the beauty of riding this thing is learning to work with this equipment to make surfing even more fun! 

Call me crazy for building and explaining what Ive put in the board but  a lot of times a shaper/board builder needs to build something different from his daily work flow  to keep the creative juices flowing and keep the mind sane. This brings me back to the early days of board building... just plain stoke!

Just to let the public known. I will only be making these type of board for a very few people. This is not a new model. If you want one, contact me directly and really convince me that you want one.

Please post and share this if your stoked!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Performance Noserider

This is what Carla would ride when it get a wee bit bigger for her Carlita Special.
More performance oriented rocker, hard edge out back, thinner and lighter. options to run it as a 2+1 or as a single fin. Good all around log.

This one is heading to our good friend in the Philippines.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jackson's Nuuhiwa inspired log

Jackson brought me an original Bing Nuuhiwa that his friend let him borrow. He liked it so much he asked me to make him one. Did a few small tweaks to accommodate his weight.
9'10 Nuuhiwa Inspired 
1 inch Balsa stringer
10oz/60oz Volan bottom and 10oz/6oz Volan deck
                                                      This one is a keeper!