Sunday, April 18, 2010

Win a New Custom Surfboard!!!

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Please help ZAMORA SURF continue its promotional tour in JAPAN!!

We will be participating in the 2010 Fish Fry in Shizunami, Shizuoka on May 29th, as well as putting forth a team in the Nalu Team Challenge in Taito, Chiba on June 6th.

We DESPERATELY need your financial assistance!!!

Don't worry. You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours! That's why we are offering a FREE CUSTOM ZAMORA SURFBOARD to one lucky raffle ticket!

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Raffle ends Friday, May 21, 2010 at 9pm.

Drawing will be shortly thereafter. Winner will be announced via personal message, as well as announced on Facebook.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Twin Arc Tail Quad Part xxxx

Ive been working on this board for a couple of months now and Im finally getting to where I really want it!!

5'10 x 19 x 2 3/8
4.5oz bottom / 4.5oz + 1/4 patch top
Channel bottom Quad.

Lots of influence from my original HP fish, Mitten's kiteboard and Tomo's Tail designs.

I used this board for the sacred craft show last weekend and I finally convinced myself to take her out. Padded and waxed up, first sesh would be at local spot. shoulder high + with the funky section just where the creek has been flowing.

I had to shake off the foam and sanding dust on the first 2 waves, As soon as my feet started putting some grooves. It started to feel at home.

As I moved to the inside and started picking off the swing wides I was damn stoked! The added tail rocker + experimental fin placements just loosened up the board perfectly without sacrificing drive and trim.

Gonna try different fins tomorrow. The plastic fins starts to wash out a bit.


Saturday, April 3, 2010


One of my customers sent me a reply to one of my emails with this link. Honestly I did not even bother opening it. I thought it was one of those "surf" videos again.

It took me a few days to go through my emails and decided .. what the heck, lets see what this is all about.

As I sat watching it, it didnt take long to feel inspired and moved by this short film. Its one of those films that you just try to anticipate the next moment. Its inspiring to see guys like Michael on how they dial in their everyday living... cutting all the bullshit and unneeded things we do.

There are so many things in life I bitch and moan about and sometimes I forget the small things that makes life beautiful.

Sean Mullen captured this in everyway I can imagine. It couldn't be more perfect.