Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jet Tail

5'11 . 19 1/4 . 2 3/8s HP Fish Jet Tail
EPS Resin X
US blanks EPS blank with Tapered Bass Stringer
Lokboxes with Tknox fronts and 3.8 rear Lokbox fins

After surfing with Daniel Thomson at the last yrs trip to Oz. He was riding this Nasa looking contraption with a similar tail. He dubbed it the " jet tail". Big thanks to Daniel and his Father for the inspiration on this tail. Stoked!!


plcasey1 said...

f'in cool. Looks fast.

Anonymous said...

how does that relate to the stealth tail that Bill Johnson was doing a while back?

flex in the pins, etc.?

seamouse said...

looks killer!