Sunday, January 11, 2009

How does your rubber feel?

...4/3 Drylock...

Just got a freshie from the boys at Xcel
This has to be the best one yet, Ive been wearing the infinity for while and to try the Drylock is amazing. Unreal warm and flexible. My Xcel suits has lasted me for a good time.

Check them out

Again big thanks to the Xcel crew!


Danimal said...

I just picked up the same exact suit. Nice n' toasty!

Mofo said...

Stoked for you man. I pick up the exact same one from by buddies place (Kahanamoku's Swimboat in El Segundo) later this week. So friggin stoked! I heard it was a great suit. Great reviews.

This is not Ian said...

These things are the shit! Try the drylock booties... man you stay warm!