Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yashica Mat-124

I bought this a few months ago and it came with some expired B&W film. Since I got a photo/film scanner as a present I figured Id get some rolls developed. Enjoy!

Yashica Mat-124



Soxy Girl

Boo Boo Boy


Anonymous said...

Fun camera for sure. What type of scanner did you get?

This is not Ian said...

I got an Epson 4490. Got any experience with them? Im trying to figure out whats the best to mount the negs on the case.

kaser_one said...

Boo Boo boy smiling made me smile.

warm jet said...

badass portrait camera, i've heard.
if ya need any assistance i did a post on Frank's Camera near my house.
HUGE with vintage cams, accessories and knowledge up the butt.

Steve said...

That can't be BooBoo. Where's the drool? Great shots, This is not Ian.