Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Getting into the mini blade hulls. Heres a Trash can tail or Velo tail 6'6. Ill have a couple of displacement hulls at the Oceanside AB3 to demo. Please dont bring a leash. all my hulls will not have a leash plug :)


Le Vyusher said...

uh oh! There we go! Slicey slicey.

Worm said...

i'll be bringing my leashes and those little stick on leash plugs that i'll stick onto your boards

Steve said...

You have far more faith in the erBB than I.

"Leash plugs be damned!" he declared to no one in particular.

Tim said...

looks a lot like what Lovelace has been shaping up in SB for a bit now, any influence?

This is not Ian said...

I got a few of these things up my sleeve for AB3.

Worm, stick on leash plugs! Fing great Idea!!! Do you want me to send this your way?

Steve, Should be interesting Im bringing a sharpie and getting the dudes that had to swim after the hulls to sign them.

Tim, of course. Mr lovelace has been a great influence! :) Good man.