Monday, August 31, 2009

Carla Rowland get well soon!

Carla had an accident yesterday. She ended up tearing her MCL completely and fracturing her right knee. Carla has been a great inspiration to me and to others. I know this tough journey in her life will inspire more people. Shes a fighter and I know this will not hold her surfing career back one bit. She will come out stronger and surf better than ever. This will be a long and slow recovery.I would really appreciate it if you could wish her a speedy recovery. You can drop her an email at



warm jet said...

damn! sorry to hear that.
wishing a speedy recovery!

FREERIDE said...

Give Carla our best and hope see gets well soon The Wills Family

Le Vyusher said...

I'm pullin for ya Carla. You are strong. Strong like bull!

charliep said...

hope to see you in the water soon carla. your regular foot riding is my biggest inspiration on my hull.
you go faster than anyone, and you don't even try (or at least it looks that way)