Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Deja Vu?

In 2010 I made this Channel bottom Keel which was inspired by a combination of Pavel, Tomoish design theories  . This morning a friend sent me a link on craigslist with this board.

Im not sure if I should be flattered or frustrated.  Maybe flattered since one of the biggest surfboard manufacturer made this board... frustrated because whoever had this made needed a CI logo when he could have paid less from me and supported a starving surfboard shaper.

Im not sure but its a sad moment I guess...


Unknown said...

you and roberts buddy. i guess imitation is the greatest version of flattery... but it don't pay much!!

surfdud said...

How about neither flattered or frustrated? Ideas float around. You got your inspiration from Tomo & Pavel, some CI shaper copied you. Welcome to the age of the internet and easy idea sharing. Besides its a one off board. If they went into full scale production I would take it in stride. Look at a what the Dumpster Diver did for for Robert's White Diamond as well as his brand. The fact that CI copied him gave him much positive publicity.

Keep up the good work, one of these days you'll reap the benefits of your labor.

This is not Ian said...

Definitely see your point surfdud and I do agree with what you say.

I think its just trippy to see the one copied with a CI logo(out of all companies)

A lot of shapers I know feed of each others designs putting their own twist and touch on each shape. I know I have been inspired by Pavel, Caro, Tomo, DK and other's work.

Just one of those blog post to vent.

Maybe just maybe it will help with publicity. :)